Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October 2007 - Fishing with my brother Tony

My brother Tony comes up every year at the end of the season for his birthday and to get into some great fish. Here are a couple of highlights from his most recent trip. Notice the beautiful waterfall in the background?!

October 13
South Fork of Snake River

19" - What a beauty!
October 15
Green River, Wy.

No, I know it looks like a stealhead since it's a 21" pig, but it isn't! Buy the way, this fish ate a "big" dry fly!

October 16
Budweiser River

12 fl. oz. - We caught plenty of these all week long.

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Unknown said...

Ah Ha!! I finaly found your site! 'Course it helps having internet at my house. Nice 12 oz.fish, but you should see the 24 oz. that I see most of the time. Looks like your a very capable fisherman, beautiful fishin' ! Lil' Sis on the Green.