Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fishing Journal '08

Well, been to busy to even get on the computer.
South Fork of the Snake has been fishing really well. The Salmon fly hatch is in full swing with PMD's, Drakes, Golden Stones, & Yellow Sallies also getting the fish to look up. I've been fishing Goldens with Pheasant tail droppers mainly with excellent success. Clodty days the Drakes have been the ticket.
Speaking of Drakes, the Green River is on FIRE!I've been down there the last few days & have had exceptional fishing. The Grey Drakes are thick with Goldens & Sallies getting attention too. The Browns are in great shape; fat, full of color, & acrobatic!
The Snake here in Jackson is still not ready. Looks like it might be a week or two, we'll see.
Got to go fishin'.

Good fishin' everybody.

Well, as I said, bear with me .
All the rivers in the Jackson area are at full run off now. It looks like the chocolate river in Willy Wonka. There are a few area lakes that have iced out and the fish are feeding. Spring is a great time to fish lakes because fish are cruising the shallows trying to catch up on the weight they lost in the winter. Contact Baker @ Westbank Anglers for details.
I'm still guiding on the North Platte just SW of Casper, Wy. until 6/15/08. The fishing here has been excellent! The Platte is a Tailwater fishery, exits a dam and doesn't pick up a tributary stream for about 9 miles which keeps the water clear & the fish hungry pretty much all Spring.
FLIES: It's been the rock worm show as far as flies over here 10-18. The rainbows are just completing their spawning so glow bugs are still really affective along with the life stages of Blue Winged Olives 18-22. Midges are on the menu some days with 20-22 larvas in black, red, & brown doing the ticket. Medium size brown leeches have been fooling a few fish also.
I have some days open in the next 3 weeks that I'm here, so lets go fishing!
Call Platte River Fly Shop for reservations.

"Rip some lip!"


Well, been guiding over on the North Platte River just SW of Casper, Wy. for the last week and fishing was good. Deep Nymphing was the game, 15' leaders w/ rock worms, scuds, leeches, & 50/50's being the flies du juor. Contact the Platte River Fly Shop @ if you would like to fish w/ me.

Snake River has been fishing great! I went out last week twice and found excellent fishing on Griffith's gnats, w/a trailing midge emerger behind it. My buddy's have been floating & finding pods of fish rising also. The streamer bight is picking up w/ a few sunny days warming up the water a bit. Nymph fishing is pretty much always productive on the Snake. Large princes, rubber legs, pheasant tails w/ rainbow warriors, miracle midges, green peeking caddis (16-20s) dropped behind will do the ticket. Try using a water balloon as a strike indicator, pretty awesome!

Green River has a few iced out spots but still a lil' bit away from being ready.

I'll try to update this weekly, but bear w/ me.

Good fishin' everybody!!

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