Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Salmon, Idaho Steelhead

Went over to the Salmon last week with Mike & Mark. It was a great trip. We all got into Steelhead on the swing. I gave Mike his first Spey casting lesson & he was a natural. We were going over the Snap-T cast on the river left & within 6 or 7 casts Mike was into the first fish of the trip.
Next day I hooked up in the morning with a nice "Hen" @ the Wagonhammer run. I was on the opposite side of the river from the guys so I took a pic myself. Mike hooked up next , mid day in Jack's run. Excellent "Buck" that fought like a champ!

Mark was the afternoon hook up. We were in Mikie's run, @ the top & he gets a grab from a beautiful wild fish. (no pic)

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Unknown said...

Cool pictures and movies!!!!!
Guess who? You're in my birth zone. You're fav shuttle driver in Wyo. and Lil' Sis.