Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Fishing for Monster Bow's

7 lb rainbow trout from South Fork of Snake River, Idaho; March 21. Caught a 5 lber about 15 minutes later. It's going to be a great year fishing!


SandGs Mom said...

God, when that picture was opening i wasn't sure if it was you or bobby sitting there. Anyway, sorry i was such a slacker flake and never called you about my girl's trip. I'm still working on it. Take care. Good fish. :)

Mickey Brockman said...
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Bull Moose said...

Mickey, That was a great two days on the Green River. How you know where to fish for two days and never see another angler is something else. The brown trout color was so bright and natural is awesome. Not a bad day when you land about 15 each day, those nice 19" plus ones, and the big one that we did not land. I will you a few shots. Please send me a few off your camera. Maybe next summer, and if the snow is poor thsi winter, we can go "the other way". Rob Markham - Birmingham AL